Helping - Meal Train

Today is our first day not sitting Shiva and to say we are exhausted in an understatement. We know and love how much you all want to help, and luckily (while you might not be able to give us more sleep) we have managed to maintain our appetites. We mentioned before that asking for help was a struggle, the food you all have been bringing has given us one less thing to worry and make decisions about - which has been such a blessing.

A meal train is being organized and today, or sometime very soon, emails will be sent to everyone who provided them via the website with information about how you can sign up, what to order/cook (including dietary restrictions), and where to drop it off. If you haven't already and would like to submit your email, please see the section titled "What Can I Do" for the submission form.

We hope also to finalize some other ways in which you can help soon, possibly including instacart or amazon style shopping. Our heads are still a bit foggy, but every day is a tiny bit clearer. Thank you all for helping us stay healthy and cared for!

ps. There are enough desserts and treats at the house to last through all of July and probably August. We are enjoying snacking on what we have, but we are going to stick to just meal deliveries for the foreseeable future. Our waistlines appreciate your support.

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