Note - from David

Dear All who have known and loved Ellen Goldstein Fishkin:

Dana and I would like to express our thanks for the incredible love and feelings you all showed and expressed towards and about Ellen. I also want to express my immense gratitude for those who have and are continuing to support Dana in her journey of healing and life going forward. Ellen had many years with us due to the work of Dr. Young He Ko. I am confident that in the near future the work Ellen benefited from will be available worldwide. If you are able and willing to support the fund, every penny goes not to any umbrella organization but directly to the research labs of Dr. Ko and her colleagues around the world.

Although Ellen is not physically present I am continuing our mission to help educate patients and clinicians about our journey and how we can help others who are in active battle. If you or anyone you know or care about wants to speak with me please respond here or email me privately at I want to share two important books that will help enlighten all who read them:

Tripping Over the Truth By Travis Christofferson

The Cheating Cell By Athena Aktipis

We also sent out an email with links to the videos from Shiva and the funeral - please email us at if you would like this information.

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