The last year or so has been especially tough, yet Ellen remained strong and positive. Her brain and her lungs were particularly healthy, so all of this was rather sudden and unexpected...

Ellen had 4 grand mal seizures on the evening of 6/23 - David and Dana took her to Shady Grove around 6:30pm. She was provided treatment and the immediate family was informed.

At 10pm all visitors had to leave, and the family went home, leaving Ellen to the care of her team of doctors. Around 9am the next morning, David and Dana got a call from the hospital to return as soon as possible since her condition was not improving.

A small handful of family members were there throughout the day on 6/24, tests were run and vitals were monitored. Occasionally visitors were allowed to see Ellen, at that point, she was on full life support. By evening, the brain swelling didn't improve and everyone went home. We all knew we had a matter of hours left with her.

The morning of 6/25 more tests were run to determine if the vitals were as low as expected to confirm the shut off of life support. She passed peacefully today at 3:26; we miss her already.

Once we have any more specific details on the timeline, we will share them as appropriate. Please refrain from asking the immediate family any further questions as we are requesting peace and space while we go through this process. Thank you for your love and understanding at this time!

Details on funeral etc are TBD. Please check back, we will post another update.

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